Frequently Asked Questions


Find out how we operate and how we can work for your business. Take a look at the list below and do not hesitate to contact us.

Our clients

What type of clients do we cooperate with?

We provide services to Polish and foreign entities, commercial companies, partnerships, as well as individuals and individuals conducting business looking for support in the area of tax settlements, or assistance in concluding and performing contracts of employment, contract of mandate, and contract for a specific work.

What types of sectors do we work with?

At IFServices we work with entities operating in all types of sectors. Our services are not limited to a closed set of economic areas.

A significant amount of IFServices’ clients are those representing “traditional” sectors like:

  • transport and shipping of goods,
  • construction
  • real estate management,
  • market research and marketing,
  • law firms,
  • catering services.

We find it both challenging and rewarding to cooperate with entities working on new technologies due to the high dynamics of their development and innovative projects we can be part of. Our clients operate in the following sectors:

  • IT, 
  • space technologies,
  • telecommunications,
  • e-commerce,
  • innovation in general.

Ways of cooperation

Is it possible to use one-time consultation?

Yes, you can schedule a one-off consultation without signing a cooperation agreement.

What is a standard contract period?

Most agreements are concluded for an indefinite period of time with the possibility of termination at any time, in accordance with the terms specified in the agreement.

Termination of cooperation

What is the termination period of the contract?

Each time it is determined individually with the client, but usually between 2 to 3 months, depending on the agreement.

Annual declarations

Does the office do my annual tax returns for me? If so, will you also send the declarations to the appropriate authorities?

Yes. In accordance with the agreement and client’s instruction.

Transition from another accounting firm to IFServices

What is the process of taking over all accounting records from the previous accounting firm? Is my physical presence required?

At the beginning, we conduct an analysis of the current situation, define in detail the acquisition process, the method of operation during the transition period and the target method of operation. We prepare a list of data and documents necessary for the acquisition in accordance with the Accounting Act. At the client’s request, we can directly contact the current accounting office, which makes the acquisition process itself even less complicated. We take over all open transactions and continue current accounting according to the plan agreed with the client.

Our fees

What is the cost of accounting services?

Prices are set individually each time and depend on the scope of services provided, the scale of business activity and clients’ requirements. The prices for companies start from PLN 1000 net and for the sole entrepreneurs from PLN 300 net.

Delivering the documents

How do I deliver my accounting documents?

Printed documents can be delivered to the office by the client personally or sent by courier or mail. They can also be collected from the client’s office by an IFServices employee (this applies to the clients from Warsaw and the surrounding area.

In what form should documents be provided?

Traditionally, in a paper form (originals or copies of documents) or in an electronic form.

How do I submit documents in an electronic form?

In the case of an electronic form, documents can be submitted by e-mail or by using dedicated document management tools that we provide to clients (this is the form preferred and recommended by us).

What is the deadline for submitting documents?

Ideally, documents should be submitted on an ongoing basis, as soon as the client receives them. We encourage our clients not to submit documents at the last minute, just before the settlement deadline. We also encourage them to use modern tools for transferring documents in electronic form.

Audits and controls carried out by state offices

Who contacts the State Institutions (US, ZUS, GUS, NBP)?

Our dedicated employee contacts the authorities based on the power of attorney granted by the client.

How often will I have to contact the authorities in person?

Our clients usually do not have to contact the authorities. All the contact rests mainly with our office.

Does the office handle all the tax and social insurance formalities for me?

Yes, in accordance with the powers of attorney granted.

What in case of tax or social insurance office inspections?

As a rule, routine inspections are handled completely by us, with minimal involvement on client’s part, however, in some situations, interaction with the client is indispensable.

What is the scope of authority of the accounting firm to represent my company?

The scope necessary for bookkeeping and representation before authorities is precisely defined in the power of attorney granted by the client.

Reports and management support

Will I have access to accounting and financial reports?

Of course. This is one of our differentiators. We can help our clients better understand and control their business. We have all the necessary IT tools, knowledge and experience to deliver valuable reporting.

Competence and authorization

What authorizations and competences does IFServices have?

Our employees have appropriate certificates, including certificates issued by the Ministry of Finance. Employees are systematically (twice a year) trained on current regulations. They also develop a number of competences that improve their performance like: language, computer and teamwork skills.

Storage of and access to documents

Will I have access to my documents?

Yes, all documents are stored in our office and they are available during office hours after prior appointment. Clients who use the electronic form and tools provided by us, have constant and immediate remote access to their documents.

When will I receive my archived documents?

They are usually provided within 14 days of the end of the fiscal year.

IT systems

What HR, payroll and accounting software do you use?

The basic system we use is Comarch Optima, but while providing our services we also work on our clients’ systems.

Is the HR and payroll program adjusted to Employee Capital Plans (PPK) handling?

Yes, it is.

Starting cooperation

When can I conclude the contract?

We can enter into an agreement at any time. There is no need to wait until the end of the fiscal year.

Setting up a company

I am setting up a new business, will I have to handle this myself?

No. At IFServices we will take care of it ourselves. Visits to the appropriate authorities will be handled by a dedicated employee.

Cooperation benefits

What does my company gain by working with IFServices? How does IFServices differ from a standard accounting firm?

In our work we focus on comprehensiveness. Our services include not only accounting, human resources and payroll, but also tax, financial, legal and strategic consulting. We focus on partnership and maintaining good and long-term relations with our clients.


Do you prepare INTRASTAT declarations?

Yes, we provide services to entities cooperating within the European Union and therefore we also prepare INTRASTAT declarations.

Does the office offer services related to the implementation of EU projects and support in the process of obtaining funds?

Yes, our office has all the necessary competences and experience in the area of EU funds. We can assist our clients at every stage, starting with advice on the possibilities of obtaining funds for the development of their business, through preparation of applications, by support in contacting the authorities and conducting the projects and accounting for the funds obtained.


Who is responsible for mistakes made by your accounting office?

IFServices is responsible for their errors however, until now, we have not had to use our insurance policy and we intend to continue this trend.

Contact and cooperation

Who will be responsible for accounting and HR services for my company?

Each company is assigned a team of specialists. 

Is there a dedicated account manager?

Each client is assigned an individual account manager who can be contacted directly for ongoing issues.

How can I contact you?

We use all forms of contact that are convenient for the client, including e-mail, telephone, video conferencing, and face to face meetings.

When can I expect the answer to my queries?

Most often, we answer the questions asked by the clients immediately after they are asked. In case the answers require additional analysis or consultations with advisors, it may take up to 3 days.

Are consultations possible and in what form?

Yes, of course. In all available forms of communication

Who should contact IFServices on behalf of the client?

Each agreement specifies a list of contact persons. In practice it depends on the size of the company.

Is a remote cooperation possible?

Of course. We have tools enabling full and effective remote service and we make them available to our clients. Location of client’s registered office outside Warsaw, or even outside Poland, is not a problem for provision of services.

How fast are documents booked from the moment they are submitted?

We account the documents on an ongoing basis, up to a maximum of 3 days after receipt.

When is a month closed?

For each client, depending on the needs, it is determined individually, but no later than required by law.

Is it possible to perform services in the client’s office?

Yes, on client’s request we can delegate an employee to perform office services in client’s premises.

Business support other than accounting

Can I count on help and support in areas other than accounting, i.e. help with legal services, tax optimization, obtaining financial support, grants and funds e.g. from the European Union and other entities?

We offer extensive and comprehensive advisory including, in particular: tax, management accounting, restructuring, broadly understood finance, EU funds and others. Depending on the type of agreement, we advise our clients on the scope of the contract or on out-of-scope services. We always try to find an appropriate solution to our clients’ problems.