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Regardless of the type and scale of your business, we can tailor an offer that meets your company’s expectations.

We will help you implement your business visions by providing our support in setting up business, optimizing business processes and by offering our assistance in obtaining financing.

Our aim is to work with our clients in such a way that they recognize us not only as their service provider but also as their business partner.

We are aware of the fact that comprehensive services are of great value, and we believe we have both experience and competence to solve variety of issues.

Why IFServices?

We understand business

We help our clients make business decisions. We support them in choosing the most efficient form of conducting their business activity or in creating their company’s strategy. We show how to take a full advantage of the possibilities that accounting and financial information give. Together we create accounting, financial and tax policies, consistent with your business vision.

We are available

Every client can contact IFServices’ specialist at any time. No question or problem is left unanswered. Communication is our strength, both within the team and with our customers. We want to understand our clients and support them accordingly.

We advise in many areas of business

We are able to identify the needs of our clients and provide professional advice in difficult situations. We select appropriate instruments. We are an active partner in restructuring, recovery plans, obtaining investment financing, current operations or market development.

We provide management information

We support our clients in creating their own business control system. We propose effective and cost-efficient solutions – we never advocate expensive solutions. We co-create reports and statements which help our clients in decision making on a daily basis and show where their business is and what actions are required.

What makes us a good partner for your business

Every business has its specifics. Our extensive experience, constantly expanded and updated expertise and openness to new challenges, allows us to adjust our operation to most types of businesses. If you want to find out whether we are a suitable partner for you, please contact us and tell us about your needs, problems and perspectives.

Who is IFServices for?

A new company (startup)

Starting a new business is a multitude of issues. IFServices is a reliable partner that will take care of all the formalities and will advise you in many ways, while protecting you against numerous risks, so you can focus on growing your business.

A Company entering the Polish market

Have you noticed the business potential in Poland and would like to start your business activity soon? Or are you just wondering if Poland is a good place for your business? IFServices can be a solid support in either case. We will prepare business analyses for future decision-making process, organize formal and HR matters, and provide a registered office if necessary.

A company where problems have arisen

Do you have a lot on your mind and there are legal, tax, financial or other problems hindering your operations? We are here for you. IFServices’ team of specialists will use their experience and knowledge to effectively solve your company’s problems.

A company focused on growth

You have a vision, goals or strategy for growth. It’s time to go from plans to action. IFServices will help you effectively manage your business, obtain financing and execute business plans that will let your business grow.

A company looking for new opportunities

Do you want to keep your business growing and competitive in the marketplace? IFServices will help you find new business directions and make you company operate successfully. We will analyze your company’s strategic potential and determine the success factors that will give you a competitive edge.

A company undergoing changes

Business success is largely about continuous change and improvement, and every change needs good decisions. IFServices can help you prepare analyses which will allow you to accurately define the direction of changes. We’ll also support you in implementation and optimization processes.

Any company looking for a reliable partner in the area of accounting, human resources and broadly defined business consulting.

Reliable accounting and payroll administration is often a challenge and an excessive burden for companies. IFServices will support your company so that this part of a business activity brings you benefits in business management.

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Our services

Our firm provides professional accounting, payroll and consulting services to comprehensively support our clients in a company management. IFServices offers much more than standard accounting services. Broad range of competence of our employees and associates allows us for high quality business consulting in key areas such as: tax, law, strategy and finance. With expertise in processing and analyzing accounting data, IFServices supports clients in the area of controlling, successfully helping them in decision-making process.


We offer a complete range of accounting services, preparation of financial statements, tax settlements, cooperation with auditors.

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HR & Payroll

Full HR records, payroll, recruitment, extensive support.

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Comprehensive tax consultancy, tax audit, tax planning, transfer pricing documentation.

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Customer needs analysis, management reports, budgeting and reporting, viability studies.

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Law in business

​Professional legal advisory, legal audit, establishing and registering companies, ongoing legal services.

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Strategy & FInance

Business strategies and business plans, restructuring, obtaining financing, EU funds, close cooperation with clients.

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Comprehensive corporate services

One of the key success factors in modern business is effectiveness and efficiency. With our wide range of services, experience and cooperation with experts we can offer quick start and development of a business with minimal formal involvement on investors’ side. Whether your project is based on setting up a new business, a merger or an acquisition, our team of specialists will smoothly navigate the process. If required, we offer our ready-to-use registered shelf companies and our office address as the company’s registered office. With each project we provide professional accounting, HR and payroll, tax and legal services. We also support management and business development through effective controlling, strategy building and assistance in obtaining financing. All our activities are reflected in professional corporate documentation required by law.

Our services include not only opening and further operation of the business project but also its smooth closing when needed. Depending on the situation, we will liquidate the company or sell it.

If you want to know more about our corporate services take a look at our blog or contact us.

Project launch in a few days

Shelf companies ready to use

Setting up companies

Mergers and acquisitions

Registered office address

Professional corporate documentation

Full formal services

accounting, HR, payroll and legal services

Liquidation or sale of companies

Raising Finance

For many companies, raising financing is the path to dynamic growth. IFServices has extensive experience in raising capital. On behalf of our clients, we conduct the formal processes, negotiations, prepare documentation and present the most advantageous ways to raise capital.

EU funds

Obtaining EU funding is an opportunity for many companies. IFServices will help you obtain EU funding from beginning to end – from the idea to the submission of the application. Thanks to our knowledge and cooperation with the best specialists, we will prepare the application, and when the funds are granted, we will professionally account for their use.

Learn more about what we do in the area of business strategy and finance

Business development can be either coincidental or well-planned. We cannot create a coincidence, but we know how to help you build and implement a good strategy, including financing.